Heros Page Layout

A Local magazine runs an article about local heroes. Men, women and children who make a difference and help un-selfishly their fellow humans. Lit with a socked beauty dish from behind and above. … [Read more...]

Red Balloon

Red Balloon in a snow covered tree

The last snow of this winter has melted.  The last snow hit suddenly and with force.  I've been done with the snow for weeks now but this last snow was beautiful and a fitting farewell to winter.   I took the opportunity to make this last snow photo. … [Read more...]

Kentucky Derby Pie


Kentucky Derby pie is a traditional Easter dessert in our family. This one was baked by my daughter and she has obviously perfected the recipe. Here's a good recipe from the web that will help you to make your own derby pie. Derby pie recipe … [Read more...]

Soccer Portrait


For several years I've done soccer portraits for the local HS soccer team. This is an example of the portrait. The goal is to create a commercial ad look and have the player feel like they were in a Nike style add. The photos were used for their … [Read more...]